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About LifeVSDrugs

LifeVSDrugs is a division of Do Your Job a company that will significantly help lower the death toll in New England over opiate and drug abuse. Our focus is getting addicts the help they need in the shortest amount of time! Most of the time that an addict is trying to find rehab services, it takes multiple hours or even days to find a bed - given this lapse in time an unexpected death can sometimes occur. In order to lower the death toll effectively, addicts need a fast, private and secure place to go and see which facilities are available to them immediately. When an addict is ready for help, there is a time window. Although this window is small, we need to take advantage of that and get them on the road to recovery.

There needs to be immediate action taken in order to prevent overdoses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and this is part of the solution. A “one-stop-shop” website that serves as a portal for open beds at facilities updated multiple times daily, and a way for parents or guardians to test their children by purchasing our drug test kits that also contain informational packets.

The LifeVSDrugs website also includes helpful information about drug and alcohol abuse in addition to educational videos on our "Learn More" webpage. Our mission is to have a great impact on the opioid crisis we are experiencing throughout the Commonwealth. We also intend to make this go not only through Massachusetts or New England, but nation-wide. The Commonwealth is not the only place this epidemic is tearing apart!

What we are doing will spark hope!

Hope leads to change, and change leads to greatness. Greatness will then turn into recovering addicts helping each other and giving back at the same time. We have been working on this project for quite some time to end this epidemic and it will be done to the best of our abilities without a doubt.

What people say About LifeVSDrugs

  • author-22

    10 years taking heroin left me a broken heap, when I looked into the future all I could see was blackness... Now I have a life and most important, a future.

  • author-22

    After doing several rehabs and always reverting back to drugs. Now I know why and at last I can spend the rest of my life drug free.

  • author-11

    When I came to LifeVSDrugs my life was on the road to ruin, Drugs overtook my zest for ambition and had set up my happiness for a disastrous fall, as I was finding out quite rapidly. When I reached my lowest ebb I didn't know who to turn to and I felt trapped, Narconon was a glimmer of hope in my otherwise vanquished life.